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We Won’t Inherit Illegal Transactions, Fayemi Warns Fayose, Beneficiaries

We Won’t Inherit Illegal Transactions, Fayemi Warns Fayose, Beneficiaries

The Transition Committee that oversees transfer of power from Governor Ayodele Fayose to the Governor-elect, Dr Kayode Fayemi, has warned Governor Fayose against illegal conduct of government business ahead of the October 16, 2018 hand-over date.

The committee also warned the beneficiaries of such transactions, saying the new government will not honour any such transactions after July 14, 2018 without consulting the transition body or any government’s business that is conducted in clear breach of the law.

The Chairman of the committee, Senator Olu Adetunmbi, in a statement on Friday said the Governor-elect is aware of underhand deals in recruitment and other government’s businesses where due process was sidetracked by the governor to dispense favours to cronies.

“We are aware of all illegal promotions and appointments, some of them back-dated, and plans to sell off government’s properties, particularly the new Oja Oba Market under construction to cronies, without following established protocols and due process of the law and we warn the beneficiaries of such illegal acts that the new government will not inherit any government business not conducted according to the laid down rules and regulations.

“This is serving a note of caution to individuals and corporate organisations that all actions taken by the administration of Governor Ayodele Fayose after July 14, 2018 to undermine the incoming administration are null and void and will not receive the official stamp of the new administration and we advise the beneficiaries of such illegal favours to stay clear of any acts that seek to undermine the incoming administration,” the statement warned.

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