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Senator Ayo Arise meets Ebira community in Ekiti North

Senator Ayo Arise meets Ebira community in Ekiti North

In the final preparation for the July 14th governorship election in Ekiti State, Senator Ayo Arise met with the Ebira community in Ekiti North to remind them why they must all ensure Dr. John Kayode Fayemi’s victory. The Senator assures them that if elected, Dr. John Kayode Fayemi will continue with his life uplifting projects that he initiated in his first tenure, and that he must be returned to consolidate on his previous achievements as he is going to run an all-inclusive government where all and sundry will have equal rights and sense of belonging, regardless of their creed or where they come from. The Ebira community were further assured of being accorded their rights and all other entitlements that will make politics participatory for them in the party. Mr Isiaka, one of the Ebira members spoke on behalf of his people and gave the assurance that his people will not let the party down and that they are ready to give their unflinching espouse. In his address, Senator Ayo Arise charged them to mobilize their people and make sure that they deliver in their respective units, wards and local governments for APC, so that more developments could be deepened and entrenched in their communities.

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