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Senator Ayo Arise clears the air on the alleged relocation of the Federal University of Oye-Ekit

Senator Ayo Arise clears the air on the alleged relocation of the Federal University of Oye-Ekit

“Good morning my brothers and sisters. I understand that the Oye Progressive Union President has moderated on this subject. Permit me to shed a little light on the fear that many have and are still expressing on Fayemi. My assignment was to get FUOYE established through anyone that God used. Fayemi was the last person I went to meet when it appeared he would not release the land and Olubolade offered an alternative location in Ijero to avoid ‘blood shed’ between Ikole and Oye. It took me close to 2 hours to convince him that he should not allow the University to be moved to another location. He agreed to provide the C of O the following day to the Federal Government. When I decided to move to the rulling party, I had the issue of FUOYE on my mind. It became the most sensible thing to do in the interest of our people. The University has now grown in leaps and bounds to the glory of God. Please be reminded that this same Fayemi already provided over 500 hectares of land to the Federal Government in Ikole. The land use decree vests ownership of land on the governor. My visit and appeal to him made sense to him despite my being in the opposition at that time. He obliged me. We should also remember that Oye people rightly voted for my party during his rerun election because of me. His initial reaction was the natural way most rational humans would behave. If Fayemi had refused to listen to my appeal and the prayers of most of Oye people, the story would have been different today.

Regarding the relocation of the University from Oye, I like to assure you that Fayemi would never do that. He had been a very powerful Minister for close to 4 years. He had all the access to the Minister of Education, and the President, and he never muted anything along those lines. The only road leading to the University was tarred by Fayemi.

I have discussed the fears of our people and the politics of the opposition with him. He has met with our leaders to allay the morbid fears. I am sure you all trust my judgement that I will never support anyone that poses any danger to the existence of the University. I also hope that I have earned the trust of Oye people to stand up to anyone who tries to harm us.

I joined the APC to enable me have access to the Federal Government. Fayose had at several times dangled the Senate seat for me but my passion is about Oye, and not about my personal or any pecuniary gains. To the glory of God, I am blessed. I need very little for myself but as long as I am alive the progress of Oye and her people remain my only ‘must do’ assignment.
When Fayemi learnt of the grade B board assigned to my name, he took it upon himself without my asking to change it to grade A, and a board that would empower me to provide employment to many of our people in Ekiti. I learnt of this through my contacts in the Presidency. Unfortunately, a stronger person was given the board when the President was away on medical leave.

Fayemi and I think alike in many respects. I leave the past to the past and focus on the future. Anyone that would make significant progress and impact in life must be fully focused on the future. The past is history.

I did not comment all these while on my experience during the primaries simply because our people acted based on their level of understanding which clearly means that we need to work harder to educate them. They did not hurt me but they hurt themselves. It is not just thier votes but the fact that when I campaigned against Fayemi in my house that despite the fact Fayemi has not established anything in his home town (he influenced the appointment of an Ishan son as the Solicitor General of the Federation). I started recounting my life and my humble contribution to the community development from the defunct Oye Community Bank, to The UBA Bank, to the NDE Zonal Training Center, to the Federal University, not to mention those I was able to influence their employment and military service. I noted that Fayemi has always made Isan impenetrable for other politicians. His people always stand by him. I said a few very uncomplimentary things about him. The Oye people recorded it and took it to him. His response was tbat this was before the election and that is now the past. I have since put that experience in my past because the perpetrators are in the minority. I know that majority of Oye people are good people and I cannot use the behaviour of just 34 people to form my opinion of all Oye sons and daughters.

I would like to appeal to all those who love this town to convince our people to vote for the Federal Government party. The budget to sustain the University comes from the Federal Government. The new faculties were approved by the Federal Government, the new buildings are being constructed and fully funded by the Federal Government. We need to think right and do what is right. Many communities are begining to question what kind of people are we?

The only time Fayemi could start feeling that we hurt him is through our votes. Fayemi will win this election because all those who facilitated the victory of Fayose are now with the APC; the Federal Government party.

I know you are mostly not politicians but it is part of our responsibility to provide hard facts to our people.

Let me seize this opportunity to thank Oye people throughout the world for their love for our town. I also wish to express my unquantified gratitude to the Oloye and Oloye in Council, for the steps they took in lifting my spirit after the ill-fated primaries. May God bless you all, and may God bless Oye Progressive Union.”

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