Read this before you vent your scathing venom on Gov. Yahaya Bello

Before you join in destroying Yahaya Bello, be fair to his achievements.

Kogi state before Yahaya Bello took over was moving into a failed state with mounting insecurity, none payment of salaries, drop in Internally Generated Revenue, and economic stagnation


Before Yahaya Bello took over governance of Kogi State, Kogi was one of the most insecure and dreaded states in Nigeria. This is not the same today under Yahaya Bello. He provided over 200 utility vehicles for patrol, over 500 motorcycles were provided for security operations and procured sophisticated gadgets for the Operation Total Freedom to stamp out crimes in the State. Intelligence gathering became seamless and properties which were proceeds of crime were destroyed to serve as deterrent to others.

To curb highway crimes, the administration of Governor Yahaya Bello ensured the clearance of 40 metres on both sides of highways to ensure criminals have no hiding place. The result is here: Kidnapping and armed robbery has dropped significantly


Farmers now produce more as they have no fear that some kidnappers might take them off and be demanding for ransom. Security is key to development

The state government cleared 1000 hectares of land across the state which were allocated to youth farmers with farm inputs and agric machines services.

The government procured 375 Fergus Tractors with complete implements, three quantities each for Mini Harvesters, Planters, Broom Sprayers, Rice Reapers, and other similar equipment to enhance agricultural activities and boost production.

He procurement and assemblage of 1500 Tillers which were distributed to small scale farmers

In collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, the state government took delivery and distributed 76btruck-load of inorganic fertilizer to farmers at subsidized rate to boost soil fertility

Internally Generated Revenue

Internally Generated Revenue dropped to a paltry and risible sum of N350 million during the days of Idris Wada Administration but under Yahaya Bello, the revenue is said to have moved to nothing less than N1.3b, monthly.


Bello’s administration embarked on the following projects in the educational sector: Ongoing construction of GYB Model Primary Schools across the 239 Wards of the state.

Remodelling of our legacy schools across the state to meet international standards.

Construction of 50-bed capacity hostel at Government Girls Secondary School, Obangede.

Construction of Library Extension at Kogi State College of Education (Technical), Kabba.

Completion of the hostel project at Government Science Secondary School, Icheke, in Omala Local Government Area.

Restructuring of the Ministry of Education and its agencies to guarantee a good education for the people of Kogi State.
Several ongoing projects at the Kogi State University, Anyigba, and the Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja.

Private Public Partnership

Bello adopted the PPP financing paradigm within his first year in office.
The PPP was adopted to end the challenge of critical infrastructure deficit in the State, promising to get Kogi State out of the ‘civil service state’ conundrum and its abysmally poor economy.
It’s his goal is to build a dominant private sector led economy that will sustain quality health and education services for the common good while providing and creating jobs through massive industrialization, manufacturing, robust MSMEs, fed by massive mechanized agriculture for the benefit of even the most peasant farmer.
Bello therefore created an institutional framework for the private sector to thrive and deliver on the Five thematic areas namely: infrastructure and development, legal, IECT, finance and risk management, administration and accounts.


So much has been said about owing salaries for 39 months but Kogi workers are not in any strike. This leaves one in utter bewilderment.

I am convinced that there is deliberate under reporting and negative propaganda against Governor Bello, and he needs to work hard for his re-election is of great concern. PDP Governors that were re-elected are not truly better than Bello. However, APC is a progressive party and therefore Bello must work round the clock to earn the trust of his people. Be that as it may, my interactions seem to suggest that Bello is in firm grip of APC structures in Kogi State, he is also under-reported with many false propaganda against his government

Joseph Odok PhD Esq
Director Media and Strategic Communications COBOM

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