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Protect the sanctity of Legislature or face sanction, CNPP tells Ekiti Speaker, others

Protect the sanctity of Legislature or face sanction, CNPP tells Ekiti Speaker, others

The Conference of Nigerian Political Party CNPP, Ekiti state chapter has called on the Speaker, Ekiti state House of Assembly Hon. Kola Oluwawole and other Lawmakers in the state to always protect the sanctity of the legislative arm of government for the sake of posterity and the interest of the People or be ready to face sanction.

The legislative arm of government is a distinguished and independent body by the law of land and the roles and functions of same are so designed, in a way that will protect the interest of the generality of the People, neither for the executive nor the leadership of the House alone.

The CNPP made the call in a release signed by its State publicity secretary Deacon Olu Akomolafe and made available to newsmen over the weekend in Ado Ekiti.

This follow a controversial holiday ordered for the staff of the state House of Assembly by the speaker, Hon. Oluwawole on the purported move to impeach the state governor Mr. Ayo Fayose.

The request allegedly first made by the Speaker to the state Commissioner of police on the need to have additional personel to guide the premises of the legislative building was no doubt, a foresight and right move to forestall and protect the Lawmakers, staff and such public building against any form of possible attack especially during the current political development in the state.

“To call for the presence or deployment of more security personel around all public buildings now, should be ordinarily be a welcome development that every right thinking person must embrace because of the on-going process of changing in the leadership of the executive arm of governemnt as a result of last governorship election held on July 14, in the state.

But the dramatic and ignoble denial of the request by thesame Speaker in less than 12 hours and subsequent holiday declared for the staff of the House was nothing but a dishonourable, self-serving and anti- democratic move to protect the interest of a certain individual against the interest of the whole state”.

The present leadership of the state House of Assembly has since the inception of the 8th Assembly turned the legislative bussiness to a mockery, theatrical display, dishonourable, unedifying and an extension of the executive rascality of governor Fayose and his few Cohorts in the state.

We have seen a situation where governor Fayose went to present a budget proposal to the current Legislators and the governor had addressed the speaker of the House of Assembly as an acting Speaker and went on to described himself as a substantive Speaker in a well-attended, both nationally and internationally broadcast House sitting.

It is high time Ekiti people came together to prevail on the leadership of the state House of Assembly to reposition the legislative arm of the government to serve the interest of the masses and place same above personal interest of any other individual on the corridor of power. The oversight function and good laws for the development of the state and its people should be paramount to the state Legislators, if they want posterity to judge them well.

Therefore, the latest ill-conceived and uncivilised holiday declared by the speaker for the staff of the state House of Assembly and other practices that are inimical to the progress of the state that are being embarked upon by the speaker and other Lawmakers who are in the same caucus must be put to a halt in the interest of the electorate  in order for them to enjoy the dividends of democracy.

The Lawmakers are being voted for, globally to serve and protect the interest of the people but it is unfortunate that the current practice in Nigeria, especially in Ekiti state now, the interest of the People of the state has not been part of the purpose by which the current Legislators were voted for through their conducts and actions.

“However, the necessity of harmonious working relationship between the three tiers of government for an egalitarian society must not be misconstrued for je-june or conniving practice to turn governance to a comedy and shenanigans like the case in Ekiti state as at today.

Therefore,it is imperrative for all lovers of Democracy to prevail on the Lawmakers in the state on the need for them to work within the armpit of legislative duties and be ready to deliver good legislations for the people or face mass protest and subsequently sanction from the people who voted them”, CNPP concluded.

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