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President Muhammad Buhari and the naivety of leadership

President Muhammad Buhari and the naivety of leadership

By Dapo Ipoola

July 24 political brouhaha in the National Assembly is a product of, “I have no interest in who becomes the president of the Senate. I can work with anybody.” On the June 15, 2015, the elections into the principal offices in the National Assembly were held, which culminated in the emergence of Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki as the president of the Nigerian Senate. ABS, as is fondly called, is one of the smartest Nigerian political power brokers-the political wits which he dexterously displayed while others loyal to the President were at the ICC, for a meeting, thereby making his emergence as the president of the Senate, unopposed, almost first of its kind. Left for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the political adroitness displayed by ABS was premeditated and envisaged with every dutiful sense of political acuity but our politically naive PMB will not give heed because some political scavengers around him wanted him to asphyxiate Tinubu, politically. The attendant consequences of PMB’s laissez-faire or delegative leadership is what bred the unsavory political scenario that rears its ugly head in the National Assembly. Going by this, ABS has been so politically enervated that his political manhood know suffers implacable priapism. PMB has unconsciously accentuated him that he cleanly outsmarted Federal Government on two occasions. If nobody cares to know, Bukola Saraki is now an indomitable political factor that if ignored may spell cataclysmic doom. We should all disregard the fact that those who defected on his fiat are feather or whatever weight politicians we may call it. Politics is a game of number. Numerically, APC strength in the National Assembly is debilitating and worrisome, as something exigent must be hurriedly done to staunch the present political haemorrhage in the National Assembly. Failure to nip this in the bud shall be greeted with inexplicable decline; but the future political cropper is still quite avoidable because Saraki’s wing could still be clipped. And if APC as a party does not want its acceptability and the staggering goodwill dwindled, President Muhammad Buhari should allow Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be the political lead team of the party. With comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole as the incorruptible chairman of the party, APC and the propensity of victory come 2019 is nonnegotiable. As a party, we must begin to take or observe damage stock as the party was almost irredeemably balkanized by the previous leadership of the party, and the fatigue of this is still here hunting us. If Asiwaju had been listened to, today’s contest of wits and power would have been averted. APC wouldn’t have been dragged to this precipice of avoidable ignominy, but the power leeches around PMB who inordinately craved relevance brought us to this sorry pass, and by extension Bukola Saraki who wanted power more than anyone around became reinvigorated. If we actually wanted to be victorious in 2019 elections, Bukola Saraki and his co-travellers must be deoxygenated, politically. PMB must stop being overly magnanimous. His political and moral naivety will not help the growth of the party. The instrumentality of executive might must be deployed. Saraki must be told in clear terms that Nigeria is not Kwara State where political servitude supremely manifests. His egoistic smartness must be brutally punctured and ruptured. He must be forcefully compelled to know that annoyingly desperate individual never acclaimed the presidential seat of power in Nigeria, as history has not smiled on his ilk of desperado. Any attempt to take Nigeria back to Egypt will spell political eclipse of Saraki and his cohort. In the interest of APC and Nigeria, Saraki’s flame of desperation must be doused without much ado. On this note, let the likes of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu brace up and safe APC and Nigeria in this hour of desperate political strangulation. Bukola Saraki is a tenant in APC, and his eviction should not be hesitated or compromised because a rebellious tenant like him must be thrown out of the window before he claims the C/O.

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