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Oluomo Olusegun Osinkolu: Ekiti APC Game Changer

Oluomo Olusegun Osinkolu: Ekiti APC Game Changer

By Dapo Ipoola

It has gone down the archive of history that Ekiti APC recorded 100% victory in the just concluded elections. In the presidential and National Assembly elections, Ekiti was the first state to submit its results, and little wonder that President Muhammad Buhari referred to Governor Kayode Fayemi as 100% governor in their first encounter after the keenly contested election. The party achieved this feat owning to the harmonious working relationship amongst every hierarchy in the party.

That the party resoundingly trounced the opposition in the state was never honorary, be not the general acceptability and nobility of characters involved in the campaign.

In relishing this, some measures of strategic approach were employed to bring home the bacon and the desired victory. Ekiti APC is no doubt blessed with notable political wizards whose mention of name sways vote. First amongst these political wizards is Dr. Olusegun Osinkolu, who was the Director General of the Buhari/Osinbajo Campaign Council in Ekiti.

His directorship was clinical and thorough that the party and its campaign manifesto were unhesitatingly embraced by the electorate, who resolutely defied panoply of smearing and calumnious campaign in giving their votes for the right candidate.

Oluomo Olusegun Osinkolu’s political dexterity added great value to the recorded victory as National Assembly candidates benefited from the magnanimity of his political personage. His grass-root acceptability was brought to bear, just as his native intelligence was deployed to ensure total success.

As a political juggernaut who has navigated the will-o-the-wisp of the state politics, his brand of politics and politicking go beyond compare as this is glowingly evident in his statewide popularity. In no lilliputian measure, Oluomo Olusegun Osinkolu’s goodwill had drawn tremendous sympathy to the party in the state.

As a philanthropist he is, he has lent helping hands to countless number of individuals. In the final analysis when the stock of the electoral exercise will be recounted, Oluomo Olusegun Osinkolu’s name will definitely echo more than anybody’s name.

To this enigmatic politician who has immeasurably and illimitably contributed to the fortunes of the party in the state, you have successfully etched your name in gold which will remain indelible in the sand of time, and it remains unassailable that you led the party to a towering pedestal of iconic Next Level.

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