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Oluwo of Iwoland, HIM Oba (Dr.) Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, has condemned the recent political ethnic schism in Lagos State, noting that it is barbaric to trade national unity with politics.

Oba Akanbi described Lagos status and her leadership under Bola Ahmed Tinubu as Nigeria number one unifying force, stating that no other individual has the national unity agenda and structure like Asiwaju Tinubu.

Oluwo, who has earlier adopted cross cultural titles for national integration and unity, described the recent political statements to divide the peaceful coexistence in Lagos as unpatriotic, called for Igbo community in Lagos to repose their confidence in the leadership structure enacted by BAT since 1999 for the collective interest of Nigeria and Nigerians.

As contained in a press statement by the monarch’s press secretary, Alli Ibraheem notes “It is barbaric playing politics with national unity. Lagos was naturally created to integrate and cement the unity of Nigeria. It accommodates all irrespective of your ethnic attachment. It was the first capital of Nigeria before ceding to Abuja. It has been like that before many were born. Lagos is the home for all. It is a centre of excellence in affinity, good governance and quality representation especially when under the leadership of Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The peace enjoying by Nigerians cannot be truncated by inciting political statements. Politicians should wise up and stop fuelling ember of discord detrimental to our national unity”

“Tinubu has made many leaders from all ethnic groups. Even in Lagos, Tinubu has installed Igbo man to elective positions, likewise Hausa. He neither discriminate nor favour one against the other. He is a unifying force to the glory of Nigeria. He is for all and for none. No political statement or conduct should be allowed to tear the love and unity enjoying by Nigerians in Lagos”

“I want to appeal to cross cultural Nigerians in Lagos to drum their support for the leadership structure laid by Bola Ahmed Tinubu in Lagos. The structure is what has made Lagos unique since 1999. The good governance is a testimony to the administrative prowess of Bola Tinubu. Nigerians, irrespective of our affiliation should upheld the structure for our collective interest”

Oluwo is an unrepentant advocate of national integration/unity. It could be recalled that he has adopted cross cultural traditional titles to uphold the unity of Nigeria as an indivisible entity.

Oluwo is equally the only monarch using Innoson Vehicle manufactured by Igbo man.

Oluwo charged Igbo Community in Lagos to trust the state peace, pledging to see they are well represented in key positions in the state. He urged Nigerians to disregard any political party trading Nigeria national unity with politics.

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