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This is “Bala Haruna”, the stuntsman from Bauchi State who bath himself inside gutter to celebrate the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari in the just concluded presidential election in Nigeria.

The news that this young has died as a result of his misadventure went viral, such that even reputable newspapers have reported it. Fake news on the frowl, even giant media house like The Guardian has fallen prey.

Firstly, “Bala Haruna” is not dead. Secondly, his name is not Bala Haruna. His name is Aliyu Muhammad Sani (aka Aliyu Gayu).

On hearing about the news of his death, I took it upon myself to come down to Bauchi to console and condole his family, only for me to see this young man not only alive but healthy. The guy is sound, and spoke eloquently. His looks and mien are those of a gentleman. He doest smoke, he doesn’t take pills. The guy was simply driven by mad love for a person he considers the best Nigeria birthed so far. In spite of all these, I warned him seriously about such misadventures in future.

I had a wonderful interview session with him and, am gonna share it with Nigerians soonest.

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