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Fayemi: Ignore Fayose media e-rats-Taiwo Olatunbosun

Fayemi: Ignore Fayose media e-rats-Taiwo Olatunbosun

I am not surprised in any way that some media ‘merchants’ working for PDP have started spewing baseless lies as comments, simply because they want to be seen as actively criticising the incumbent governor, Dr. Fayemi, who within a week of being sworn in as governor of Ekiti State, has declared free education in all public primary and secondary schools, given assurance of regular payment of workers’ salaries as at when due, in addition with a promise of offsetting within a year the outstanding salaries owed by ex-governor Fayose.

Former Ekiti APC PRO, Hon. Taiwo Olatunbosun

Most appalling is the irrational social media jargons being fabricated by some frustrated individuals and idle hands against the approval of #200million Housing Loans for the Teachers by the progressive governor of Ekiti State.
Let it be clear to this marabout commentators that Gov. Fayemi is too focused and busy working on how to provide reliefs and enduring better life, which includes, food abundance, shelter(housing), wealth, job opportunities, infrastructure, etc for not just the teachers, workers, pensioners, but the entire Ekiti people.
The approved #200million will be a revolving loan for interested teachers to access in order to be able to afford their own houses. It will attract no interest and the payment will be spread over a long period of time. Isn’t this better than the #3000 that Fayose was giving to the teachers once in a year during the Teachers-Day celebrations? My advice to Fayose and his team of political jobbers is for them to seek the face of God and the people, asking for forgiveness for their wickedness and mindlessness against the innocent people of Ekiti, particularly those workers that Fayose denied pay for several months, thus rendering them impoverished while he (Fayose) kept amassing wealth.
If not for wickedness, how else could Fayose and his cohorts have forgotten so quick their non-payment of 6-9 months’ salaries and pensions while he, Fayose, was cornering so much of the state money to himself and members of his family?
The four years of Dr Fayemi administration in Ekiti State will surely teach and educate Fayose, PDP, and his ilk lessons in good governance, civility and democracy.
Loan facility provided or given at no interest rate to teachers/workers is commendable and will position Fayemi’s administration as Teachers’ friendly one, far more than Fayose and his demagoguery.

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