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Ajagun of Iluomoba endorses Olujimi

Ajagun of Iluomoba endorses Olujimi

The Senate Minority Leader, Senator ‘Biodun Olujimi today took her reelection campaign to Gboyin local government area. The Senator in her speech appealed to the electorate to return her to the senate, as she promised to consolidate on her sterling performances if re-elected.

At llumoba, one of the communities in Gboyin local government area, the Senator in her cultured and regardful manner went to see the Oba of llumoba for his royal blessings and the Oba without mincing words said, “I am not campaigning for Senator Biodun Olujimi but it is within my traditional rights as the highest constituted authority in Ilumoba to uphold efficiency and good leadership without sentiments. Olujimi is a worthy leader of her people. Hence, it is my prayer that you will be victorious in the forthcoming election.” 

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